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Matisse. Cut - Outs

The trailblazing paper cut-outs of Henri Matisse

When Henri Matisse (1869–1954) was forced to give up painting in the mid-1940s due to a serious illness, he began to work with painted paper and a pair of scissors, “carving into color” to create bright, bold patterns and forms.

Though many critics at the time were unstinting in their cruel remarks about the supposed foolishness of an old man, the work, termed gouaches découpées(“gouache cut-outs”), in fact represented a milestone in modern art. Matisse had not only defied frailty to pursue his artistic impetus, he had also created a whole new medium for exploring the age-old conflict between color and line.

This 96-page, hardcover edition includes rich image reproductions from many of Matisse’s most celebrated cut-outs,and a detailed biography for context of the artist’s life and work.


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